Amith Manohar

Amith Manohar is the Head, Sales and Operations at Nimida Sports. Nimida Sports was set up in 2019  with the focus on developing sporting talent via a grassroots structure and providing a defined  progression pathway for a sports person onto the national stage. 

Nimida uses a robust technology platform that integrates coaches, course syllabi, coaching  approaches, process and outcome KPIs, and performance monitoring. 

Amith was previously with PLaY Arena, a sports and entertainment destination where he was  instrumental in establishing partnerships with multiple academies for sports coaching. Prior to that he  has over 10 years of experience in the field of behaviour analysis using psychometric testing,  assessment and development centres. He holds an MBA from Bharathiar University. 

Amith is very passionate about grassroots sports and aims to provide continuity, progress, challenges  and a clear pathway to players from all walks of life so that they can dare to dream and fulfil their  potential.

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