Art, Literature & Theatre

At this age, you will be surprised but the child has a strong mind of his own and explores at his own pace in a manner that she/he feels most comfortable. We let them be and by interwinding books, drama and story-telling, make the process of learning more fun and exciting for them.
Here are a list of programs you can explore

Art Club, Booklings, Epic, Fairires & Superheroes, Impact Jr., Performance Story-telling, Polar Express, Process Art, Rangoli, Rainbow, Story-telling Club, Theatre Club, Story craft, Masks

STEM Learning

Is this for real? Do children of this age understand these terms? They might not know the terms but they still use the concepts at play.
We allow them to experience the world of numbers and science through a myriad of games.
Here’s and list you can explore to know how

Blue World, Brick by Brick, Grasshopper, Greenhouse, Logica,
Science & Tech Club, Space Trek, Rock paper science, Photo Party

Social Awareness

Interaction is one of the first things a child learns and we help cultivate it. Explore a host of programs that will help your child become more aware.
The programs included here are:

Life skills Essentials, Selfie, 21st, century skills, Interact

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