A Very Weird Traffic Signal

Four friends were in the city public school and had just finished it

Max: I just saw a video about the great Emu war

Emily: They must be very silly what did the do

Edward: I am also in his class, I will explain

They went to the massive Coconut and sat in the shade, under it was a wooden bench. Just then a coconut fell on his head and he fell unconscious.

Kristi: Oh no what is going to happen we will take him to the hospital

Kristi was very young and was always very naive and silly.

The friends quickly went to the town hospital, Emily called the ambulance.

Max: It will take to long anyways it is just a small town it will take five minutes from here

The quickly took his body and on the way they saw a traffic signal

Kristi observed it very carefully and was intrigued by it.

The next day Kristi brought a ladder to the traffic signal.

Kristi: Everyone loves red so they stop to look at it. People only like yellow to some extent so they slow down. But people hate green so they just go on.

Kristi: I will make sure that everybody gets to see their favorite colors.

Kristi got some circle cut colors and stuck them on the traffic signal.

Just then the other three Max, Edward and Emily were walking down the street talking to each other

Edward: Hey Kristi what are you doing

Kristi: I am just making sure that everybody is seeing their favorite colors.

Emily looked around and saw what she was doing. Many people were shouting to turn it green.

Emily: Kristi! You idiot we will get arrested. Those traffic signals are for making the roads in order. Quickly take it off now !

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