Why Every Student Should Have a Mentor


Why Every Student Should Have a Mentor

Kids need mentors. A good mentoring relationship can help kids see themselves accurately and recognize their strengths & accomplishments while instilling confidence in them. Mentors can be role models from whom they can trust and learn.

Being a mentor is one of the most important roles we may fulfill, it helps gain a sense of accomplishment by positively impacting the life of another person; the process of helping children achieve their potential and discover their strengths is rewarding in itself.

This webinar will talk about
* What is mentoring and what is the purpose of mentoring?
* Why mentorship is so important for kids today?
* How to find the right mentors for your child?
* How being a mentor can be fulfilling for you?


Why every student should have a mentor
Siddharth Mathai
Head of Technology at Qfuss

Siddharth Mathai is the CEO & Head of Technology at Qfuss. Qfuss is a cloud-based on-demand mentorship platform that helps individuals connect with industry experts/leaders, who will guide them personally and professionally. He believes that in India, mentorship is not tapped onto much & his goal is to make mentorship accessible to all the individuals who seek it. His expertise involves Leadership, Mentoring, Business Development & Entrepreneurship. He is also a Startup Enthusiast and helps Individuals reach their Goals through Mentorship.

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