Speak up- World of words

A public speaking workshop By children, for children!

Filled with activities, humor, and fun this program will keep you riveted, while also giving some very interesting tips and tricks.

The Speak up- world of words is designed and executed by Yug and Advaith, who have been part of Cilre Speakers Club for over 2 years.

Join us for what could be a fun shop rather than a workshop!


Speak up- World of words
Meera Venkatesan
Learning consultant, Performance storyteller, Trainer &
Creative writer

Meera Venkatesan is a professional performance storyteller, writer, trainer and learning

consultant with a love of words and a deep desire to create meaningful learning. She is

passionate about anything that borders on creativity and imagination. She believes that

indulging in creative imagination is every child’s right. She feels that her calling is in kindling this

as a facilitator. She conducts coaching programs in storytelling, public speaking and creative

writing for adults and children.

Speak up- World of words
Student, Passionate Reader, and Author

Yug is an ardent reader who is most comfortable in a large library and has a particular fondness for mythology-based fiction. He debuted as an author when he was 8, with a children’s book titled ‘The Land of Gold, a legendary quest’. He has been a part of Cilre Speakers’ Club for 3+ years and was an emcee at their conference “Splendor”.

Yug is also an environment enthusiast, who believes that making small changes in our everyday life can go a long way in saving our planet.

Speak up- World of words
Student, Passionate about History, Geography, and
Current affairs

Advaith is an inquisitive 11 year old boy who lives in Bengaluru. He is a voracious reader who has a specific passion for history, science and current affairs. He also enjoys playing tennis and annoying his younger brother.

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