Play Based Blended Learning


Play Based Blended Learning

The topic will be focusing on how the present NEP policy also has given due weightage to play based blended learning and how
we as educators and parents can take this challenge and make the learning for any age group more interactive and plan activities to engage
the children and sustain their interest. 
She will try to use the different domains of development and will share activities which they can use in the classroom or at home.


Play Based Blended Learning
Darshi P Vora
Ex Headmistress
Priyalok Vilas
The Rajkumar College, Rajkot

Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember
As Benjamin Franklin rightly said
Involve me and I learn. With an experience of 30 years in Preschool teaching and holding a Master degree in Economics and Bachelors in education I always felt that I am a learner. I like to keep myself updated by attending workshops and doing short courses related to children .
I do curriculum planning looking to the interest of the children , inspire fellow members of staff to be involved in children and be there for them with love and affection.
I love to plan and execute their annual function and sports day function involving all the staff and children so that they develop self confidence in them and have no stage fear.
I am a good listener, a calm and an affectionate person and that helps me to unite the staff members as a team and work together to create a healthy atmosphere for all .
I am too passionate about children My day starts and ends thinking about new things which I can do with them .
I feel Teaching is a Heart work and I feel that I still remember my mentors who changed my life because they believed jn me I also want my children to remember me and I want to bring out the best from each of my children.
In the end I quote
To teach is to touch lives forever.

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