Natural/Intuitive Learning


Natural/Intuitive Learning

Given an opportunity, children can learn naturally. They can figure out many things intuitively without others assistance/instructions. In this webinar, we will look into some examples of intuitive/natural learning in the BeMe environment and we will explore some of these questions like:

Join us to understand and explore the questions and possibilities in this direction.


Natural/Intuitive Learning
Prakash Gudnava
Co-founder Trustee, BeMe Trust and Director, Pozibility Technologies Pvt Ltdr
I studied Electronics & Communication Engineering (B.E, Dharward University) and Computer Science & Engineering (M.Tech, NITK). I have worked as an embedded software engineer for 15 years before starting BeMe. I got introduced to alternative education accidentally when we were looking around for preschool for my daughter (who is now 18 years). Inspired by the literature of Sudbury Valley School (USA) I have been exploring child-led learning methodologies in general and democratic schooling specifically. We started BeMe 7 years ago. We have about 60 children in the age range of 3 years to 16 years.

I love adventure and maths. I have been leading adventure projects for children. Here are the projects I have done.
  1) Long-distance cycling trip with 8 children (10 – 14 years) covering 440km over a week
  2) Trek in Kumara Parvatha with 8 children
  3) Triathlon (swimming, cycling and running) in the sprint and Olympic categories (two times – 14 children and 18 children).
I teach maths to children preparing for NIOS/IGCSE.
I am representing the BeMe team of 10 faculty members and sharing an idea from our experiences.
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