inclusive education


Inclusive Education

The majority of children with learning restrictions in developing countries are currently out of school, while many of those enrolled are not learning. To ensure that all children have access to quality education. The importance of inclusive education where in students with learning restrictions have to compete together with their peers in a meaningful and fruitful way. The support system makes sure that there is equal access for all students to all the learning resources available in the school. This way, students with learning restrictions can fully participate in all the learning activities together with their non-disabled peers.


inclusive education
Sujatha Narasimharaju
Right to education task force
Child activist

Over the last 10 years working for children education and child rights, as a mission to bring in positive change in the society.
As an RTE task force member and child rights activist, helping and advising children from all social back grounds and economically weaker families, making sure they are not deprived of their education and child rights
MSc in microbiology
Worked as Quality assurance manager at Lyons seafood’s Warminster UK,
Microbiologist at Micro check technical services Trowbridge-UK.
Sr Microbiologist in Zeus biotech pvt Mysore

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