Amid all the competition and pressure being faced by children today, some parents have started wondering if children are going to school

These parents have found an answer in Waldorf education, the fastest growing educational philosophy in the world today.

Come lets explore these, and more questions with Nirupama Rao


Nirupama Rao,
Parenting Consultant/Psychologist/Special needs

A psychologist with 24 years of experience in the field of Special Needs and Child Development. A mother of 2 girls. She has previously run her own Waldorf kindergarten/ Centre for children for special needs called Niraamayaa for five years. She has worked in various school, hospital and NGO settings.

She has authored and published two books:

– Parenting- The Art and Science of Nurturing with Dr Shekhar Seshadri, NIMHANS. 

– The Autism Story. A little illustrated fictional booklet. 

To know more about Nirupama Rao: 


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