Uma Hrishikesh - Learning Challenges in Children

Although there has not been an exhaustive study, the incidence of LD in India is likely at least between 10 and 12 per cent of the school going population. This roughly means that in a given Indian classroom there are at least four children with LD. Through this webinar we want to reiterate to  educators, the various skills required for learning to happen. 

This webinar explores questions on:


Uma Hrishikesh,
Educational Therapist/Psychologist

A commerce graduate, Uma spent a decade selling and marketing IT products before moving into the special education space. She is a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (National Institute for Learning Development) and REBT Professional (Albert Ellis), with a demonstrated history of working with children with Learning Difficulties. A passionate education professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education focused on Learning Disabilities and a Masters in Psychology, Uma believes that the child is the most important factor in the equation and the system and everyone involved is there for the child. After having worked with children from different environments, she has a strong realization of the effort and distance one needs to travel to make every child feel included.

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