Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed many challenges on parents and educators. Managing work, home and taking care of children together has increased the amount of stress in parents and educators. The rates of burnouts and compassion fatigue are increasing in parents. Cilre along with The Bright Side Foundation is organising a well-being webinar for parents and educators. In this session, Psychologists specialising in Clinical Psychology from The Bright Side Foundation will be helping you gain an in-depth understanding about stress, burnouts, compassion fatigue in parents and educators and how to deal with these situations effectively.

This webinar explores questions on:


Swetha Desiraju,

Swetha Desiraju is a psychologist with a specialization in Clinical Psychology. She is passionate about the field of neurodevelopmental disorders and is currently working in the same. She is the Founder of The Bright Side Foundation, a mental health NGO based in Telangana. Through The Bright Side Foundation, she aims to shift the perspective from mental health stigma to mental health support. She has also been a social activist for 4+years working on projects for empowering women, promoting education, normalizing menstrual health, and increasing awareness about suicide prevention

Nikitha Vattikuti,

Nikitha Vattikuti is a Psychologist and a Lecturer at the Department of Psychology in A.V College, Osmania University. She is a Director at The Bright Side Foundation, a mental health NGO based in Telangana. She is a menstrual health educator, and has lead and been a part of many projects to empower children. She is the recipient of the highest rank in the National cadet corps. She is passionate about working in areas of Childhood Trauma, Resilience, and Cognitive Psychology.

Sushree Saroja Mahapatra,

Saroja is pursuing her final year in M.Phil. in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Noida. She has completed her Master’s in psychology from Banasthali University and was awarded the gold medal for being a university topper. She is a practicing play therapist and has experience in art therapy. She has worked with several organizations and clinics with children with special needs having neurodevelopmental and socio-communication disorders like Autism, ADHD, etc. She loves being around and working with children.

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