Personal Card

invitation Nikita

Personal Card My two favorite colors are pink and blue. I used pink color because it looks very attractive. Blue is a symbol of inspiration and it gives emphasis. I feel that Sherif’s handwriting is more suitable for the colors pink and blue. Material: Canva Invitation card created by me in D’art workshop



Avatar In avatar, you can give features and make a person. For example, long hair, short hair, happy face, smiling face, etc… In short, we can make a mini copy of a person. Material: Avatar Maker Avatar created by me in D’art workshop

Line Art

line art - nikita -1

Line art Line art or line drawing is any image that consists of distinct straight or curved lines placed against a usually plain background, without gradations in shade Line art can use lines of different colors, although line art is usually monochromatic. Line art emphasizes forms and drawings, of several constant widths , or of …

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Memes A meme acts as a unit for carrying ❖ Cultural ideas ❖ Symbols ❖ Practices Meme is transmitted from one mind to another through ❖ Writing ❖ Speech ❖ Gestures ❖ Rituals Memes Created by me in D’Art Workshop

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