Money Management your Kids should Know!

Financial literacy is a core life skill for participating in modern society. Children are growing up in an increasingly complex world where they will eventually need to take charge of their own financial future.

As we teach our kids many different life skills like decision-making skills, problem solving skills, personal hygiene, and communication skills, why we do not think of teaching money management skills to our kids? Although Money cannot buy happiness it will certainly help you to pay the way for your kid’s happiness.

In this session learn:
1. Not how but why of saving.
2. Difference between Saving and Investing
3. Introducing them to the concept of budgeting
4. How to get rid of fear of managing money
5. How to make them learn concept of Inflation
6. Concept of compound interest
7. How to prioritize in the world of abundance
8. Make it a dinner table talk
9. How to best utilise their Pocket Money.
10. Most importantly how to set their financial objectives

Teach your kids effective money management so they can learn how to save, spend wisely, and make change. It’s also important for them to understand that using checks, credit cards, and cash apps isn’t free money.


Money Management your Kids should Know!
Anuja Agarwal
Managing Director - InvestAscent Wealth Advisors Pvt Ltd

Anuja is a veteran financial advisor and has built up a specialization in coming up with complex solutions in the areas of fixed income & capital market products. She has built up a credible practice among some of the most respectable business families and successful professionals in Bangalore. In sept, 2009 she founded her own wealth management boutique firm and in the last 12 years, her firm manages 1300 clients handling 2500 crores of assets across globe. Her business has been awarded as the “Best Performing Financial Advisor –South” and “Grand Jury Award –for work done towards Financial Education” by CNBC TV18 Financial Advisors Award out of 44000 nominations PAN India. She has recently featured as Among the “Top 10 financial advisors of India” by Success Insights.She has a touch base with more than 2000 individuals by way of presentation or workshops.  Being a woman, it is her passion to make all the women of India Financially literate and independent.

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