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Create With Cilre
Keep Learning Keep Creating

Keep Creating to Learn New Things

Picking up Fun ideas and Cool skills. Whether you want to show them off or finding ways to put them into practice, you have come to the right place.

‘Create with Cilre’  is conceived with an intention to start and nurture a positive learning-creating cycle for our young learners. Children will work on small projects and submit them with us. The formats would be varied to ensure children can pick and choose them based on their interests. 

Not just that, it also offers children points – which can be used to claim learning programs from cilre



Episode 1:

This project is aimed to put their digital creation skills to use towards the need of the hour – COVID 19 Safety.

Children need to create a digital poster that creates awareness about the safety precautions for COVID-19. Children can use any digital too. Some popular ones that can be used are Canva, Photoshop, Microsoft powerpoint, MS Paint. 

What to keep in mind while creating the digital poster?

Each of the attributes mentioned below contributes to 5 points, totaling up to a sum of 25 points available for grabs in this episode. The points earned for each submission will be on their own merit and not a comparative one. 



10 Points

Earn a total of 10 points

Single Session

To be eligible for a Free Single Session worth Rs 600

30 Points

Earn a total of 30 points


To be eligible for a Free 1-Week Holiday membership worth Rs 2750

90 Points

Earn a total of 90 points


To be eligible for a Free Monthly Membership worth Rs 3540

220 Points

Earn a total of 220 points


To be eligible for a Free Individual session for a month worth Rs 6608

370 Points

Earn a total of 370 points


To be eligible for a Free Quarterly membership worth Rs 10030

500 Points

Earn a total of 500 points

Double 1-1

To be eligible for a Free 1-1 session for 2 months worth Rs 13216
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