Children will explore the stories and tribal art forms across India. They will explore a variety of art forms including Gond Art, Paper weaving, Bathik, Rangoli, Garba dance and more. This is a great opportunity to introduce our little ones to the rich traditions and culture of India!

Who are the Indian Superheros? The Indian mythology is abundant with such characters. In this workshop children will explore Indian Mythology and the superhuman characters through stories and theater. This will help children not only to connect with them in a more fun and friendly way, but also help them look within to discover the superhero qualities in themselves. Children will listen to stories of Hanuman, Arjun, Bhim, Parvati, Shikandi and many more. Through Role plays and activities they get to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the characters and learn from them.

April 1 @ 10:30
10:30 — 13:30 (3h)

Kydzadda at Banashankari

3-6, 7-10

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