Alchemy[6-10years] at SC

What’s in our toothpaste we use everyday? What makes some things smell nice? Alchemy is an introductory workshop explores the chemistry of things that children do and experience everyday. At the workshop children will do experiments, discover things through games and even make up their own version of toothpaste. While children will experiment, learn some chemistry and have fun, the key takeaways include developing Confidence as a learner: Shift from I can’t do science to I can do Science Open and positive mindset: Shift from ‘Chemistry is done at labs and is boring’ to ‘Chemistry is at home, school & all round us, and it’s a lot of fun’ Context of what they are learning: Chemistry is in their food, their colours, the air and everywhere. How chemistry can help understand and change things around them Curiosity & inquisitiveness: Look around the everyday things and ask or think about the chemistry of them Cilre focuses on empowering children to learn through these experiences. An introductory workshop such as this helps instigating these traits. Like any habit, they need to be practiced regularly to make it last.
April 1 @ 10:30
10:30 — 13:30 (3h)

Studio Chhavi at HSR layout

3-6, 7-10

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