Cilre is a happy place to be! ›We are a small close knit family who care for each other much beyond their work life. ›Every step of the way, we learn from each other. We keep nudging each other to become better than we were yesterday. ›We are all explorers here trying new things together. ›If you believe these are good things, pick up the phone and give us a call right away! We have loads of challenging fun waiting for you! By becoming a partner you become part of this lovely family.

If you want to know few more details before making that call, here you go!

Partner with UsPARTNER WITH US 

Want to change the way learning is perceived? Interested in working with Children / Parents / Teachers / Adults? Need a space to experiment with your ideas about learning? Have a space related to children or learning – Get in touch to partner with us today. We have been waiting to hear from you


Career as a Partner


We are looking for people like us! ›People willing to learn & grow with us! ›People who are Open minded  & Passionate›. A career @ Cilre is another opportunity to partner with us


Cilre Facilitator Fellowship - PartnerCILRE FACILITATOR FELLOWSHIP

Cilre facilitator fellowship is a talent leadership program. It that develops next generation thought leaders in the field of learning and its implementation

Cilre Facilitator Internship - PartnerCILRE FACILITATOR INTERNSHIP

Cilre Facilitator Internship provides an overview in the way our organisation works. The facilitation, curriculum design, research are some areas a  CFI will get a chance to work on