Leadership Team

Team Cilre is highly motivated and passionate about children and the learning process. Together we design and execute learning experiences and workshops. Leadership team

The Leadership Team

The leadership team at Cilre plans the roadmap to reach our vision.

Ananthi Balakrishnan, at 30 has co-founded 4 organizations in children and education domain. Cilre is the second organization she started which aligns with both her passions. With intense love for learning, she experiments and innovates in exciting and effective learning experiences

Gowri, wise by age and youngest at heart co-founded Cilre with Ananthi. Extremely compassionate and creative she connects with adults and children alike with ease. An inspiring storyteller, she helps the team and the learners engage better through enriching learning experiences.

Aparna, the go-getter at Cilre, makes the wildest ideas from the team into a reality. A high functional individual, thoroughly organized, she heads the operations of two companies. Full of energy – and that is how she inspires us and our learners

Somu, one of the few men in this women dominated organization. He acts mostly behind the scenes in providing consultancy, mentoring and most importantly the funding that we need. A BIG thinker he inspires us to do bigger and better things everyday.

Facilitation and Delivery Team

Sneha, a post graduate in physics and great organization skills, keeps us afloat instead of getting inundated with our ideas. While being non-judgmental around learner she innovates in the curriculum design

Gayathri, an Electronics engineer by degree is excellent at organization. With her fun loving nature, she works with children to ensure they are having enough fun in the learning process

Jayasri, another electronics engineer in the team, loves mathematics. Sharp, witty and creative she creates and facilitates activities for children that transfers her love for learning to them

Vartica, our latest addition to the team is a postgraduate in literature. With her calm and persevering temperament, she does great research.

Consultant Team

Sahana, our first ever intern, has now grown into a consultant for us. A Psychology graduate, she has moved on to pursue her masters in development, while contributing whenever possible to Cilre

Vidya, a committed volunteer at Cilre she works with us on the “The Giving Tree” program which is an English Language learning program that happens at a government school. From designing to getting more support for children she does more than her best

Meera Venkatesan, works with us in hosting science and technology based workshops. Highly creative with a passion for making children look beyond the surface while learning.