Terrific Learning Experiences for Children

A Good Teacher Explains. A Superior Teacher Demonstrates. A Great Teacher Inspires.

Our Learning Experiences inspire learners to explore, develop and create on their own. The learner can be children, adults, teachers or parents.

 ART & LArt & Literary Workshop Learning Experiences for childrenITERARY


Art & Literary experiences aim to inspire children to create



STEM LEARNING STEM Workshop Learning Experiences for children


STEM learning experiences aim to develop a scientific temperament in children


Social Awareness Workshop Learning Experiences for children




These aim to create awareness and develop better global citizens

Interdisciplinary Workshop Learning Experiences for childrenINTER



What is a learning experience?

Cilre conducts workshops and sessions for children. Children learn better when they discover knowledge themselves. The learning experiences are in the form of workshops. The workshops helps the child to discover concepts and knowledge.

Where does it happen? 

Learning experiences happen in all settings. The effectiveness of the learning experience changes. The environment, the facilitator, the tools, the methodologies used – They all affect the effectiveness. When we provide a “Non-judgmental” platform and “Engaging Stimulations”, the learning multiplies. We do our workshops at child friendly areas in Bangalore. It could be an activity centre. It could be your neighbourhood library. It could be your apartment clubhouse.

Why do we need these learning experiences?

Learning is about making connections. Experiences help forming these connections. We provide those meaningful connections. This helps them learn a lot more and a lot faster.

Who does it apply to? 

Our Primary focus area is children. But we believe adults and children are not all that different. Especially, when it comes to the way we learn.

What kind of workshops are there for children? 

Cilre aspires to provide exposure to various disciplines. Art,  Science, Social Sciences are just a few areas. These workshops follow an interdisciplinary approach. This helps the child connect to the topic better. The workshops follow a learning by doing approach. “I do and I will not forget”