Cilre SPECTRUM Guest Talk Series for Children

In a world where children are constantly guided, Cilre SPECTRUM Guest Talk Series for children provides a platform to identify learning opportunities outside the classroom and make learning choices for themselves.

This series brings together people who are passionate about what they do, to share their experiences with learners who are eager to explore new horizons. Children will get to interact with Field Practitioners and experts from diverse fields of work and get to know different perspectives. Through these interactions, they can keep up with the latest developments and technologies happening around the globe. 

Speakers for the July 2022 Series

About Cilre

Cilre is an educational organization with a mission to make education available, engaging and relevant. Some of our key initiatives are

  • Short & Long term experiential learning programs on a variety of disciplines like Art, Literature & Theatre, STEM, Social Awareness
  • The Giving Tree, a non-profit initiative that focuses on language learning for children at Government and Low-income private schools and is in the process to extend this to orphanages and children’s homes
  • Unschool is an online alternate school that promotes child-driven learning
  • Project Eklavya Curriculum and Facilitation, part of Artpark which is a government-funded project to promote self-learning using technology
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