Programme Glossary

Art, Literature & Theatre

Art Club

Art is a medium of expression. It nurtures imagination, patience and precision. From basic fine motor skills to observing nuances in the real world, children will start developing skills necessary for an artist. They will notice and appreciate colour, texture, design, shapes in nature and manmade things. While this form the framework, they will also get a chance to play with a variety of media and subjects. This provides them the opportunity to explore and discover themselves. Age: 3-10 years

Art Folio

Artfolio is a journey into the folk art across the world. Children will explore the tribal art forms Africa, South America, Japan, Australia & Arabia. They will explore a variety of artforms including paintings, weaving, papier machie, stitiching and even storytelling.

Art Train

Art Train is one of a kind integrated learning workshop series for children above 8 years that exposes children to science, technology and art together to bridge the gap between creative and scientific thinking.


Booklings is more than a book club, it is a creative space for children above 6 years. Reading expands the minds, enriches the mind and spirit. Kids will be introduced to a wide range of books of different genres, styles and topics of interest. Reading such variety of books enriches their vocabulary. They will find the right words for the right situations. This will enhance their communication skills that will reflect in their ability to write and speak clearly and with confidence. They will enjoy the interaction with different cultures made possible due to their familiarity with languages. In the process they will attempt to understand the concept of language as a whole. This will aid in their attempts to learn other languages also.

• The book club will meet twice every week and discuss and review the book they
• have read.
• They will take a book home for reading over the week.
• They will be made to create a few things based on the book they read.
• They will enact, adapt & visualise the stories.
• They will be introduced to various genres of books and styles of writing

Booklings - Juniors

Booklings Juniors is a book club for children who are in the early stage readers. This book club will expose them to different kinds of books appropriate for their age. Children will learn how to make the most out of the books that they reading through activities that help them improve their comprehension, critical thinking and the ability to use what they read. It is essential that children view reading as an engaging and productive activity from an early age. We attempt to develop such an attitude through fun and interesting activities.
Here are some sample activities: 1. Making an illustration: This needs the child to understand the book, pay attention to the details mentioned and convert them into visuals (Comprehension) 2. Role Play: Pick their favorite character from the book, dress up, enact what they do, talk about how they feel . (Critical thinking) 3. Change the Ending: Creating a new story from a story they read (Using what they read)

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s web is a series of workshops that would assist children to put words to their thoughts, ideas and their imagination. The emphasis would be on encouraging them to explore their imagination and use it in their writing What topics will we cover? Children will be exposed to poetry from various authors. Children will be encouraged to talk about those poetries. This will help them develop their own thoughts about poetry. What should the child know? The age group is 8 and above. The child should be able to write on its own. How will the children be taught? We prefer to use the term facilitation. The child would be exposed to the different ideas. They will be provided stimulation and opportunities to explore and implement what they are learning. We will have individual and team based activities. What will my child gain out of this workshop? Children will be exposed to poetry as something that they can read, write and appreciate. They will also be exposed to some tools that can be used while writing poetry. This workshop will serve as a platform to express their imagination and ideas Age: 8+

Copy Cat

Ravi Varma, Van Gogh and so many more! There are so many Artists who have inspired and enchanted us through their artistic expressions. Copy Cat is a tribute to them where we study some of the popular works in Art in terms of the concepts, techniques and the presentation of them. With such motivation, children recreate some of them and also use the inspiration and create a work of Art by themselves. Age: 11-14


EPIC – story telling session will be an hour long session with stories and games in various themes. Children will be listening to stories of inspiration, magic, celebration & more. They will also be making a few crafts that go with the theme. This session is suitable for 3-8 year olds. Age: 3-8

Free Writer

Free Writer: Magic of Fonts is a session on Typography. Typography is the art of making written language beautiful. Children will be exposed to different aspects of font design and different kinds of calligraphy from across the world. Children will make their own fonts and also use different lettering styles to make an artwork of their own. This will provide a different perspective to children when they look at any written text and revive the charm in writing.


Headlines is a workshop on community journalism. Children will explore the roles of a journalist like gathering information, taking pictures, interviewing, writing articles, editing. As part of this workshop children will be making a local journal of the community. Age: 11+


At Impact, We set a stage for the children to explore their self awareness and artistic skills,act out their imagination, fine tune their communication and social skills. Children will write screen play and dialogues, Perform Mimes, Mono acting, Dubbing, Design Makeup and Costume,Explore usage of Space usage, Stage design, Props making, Lighting and Sound Effects, Make Trailers, Ads, Publicity and Marketing, Learn about History, different forms of theater and world theater. All this while having frolicking fun. Juniors : 3-6 yrs, Seniors: 7-10 yrs


Jiffy Theatre Workshop focuses and nurtures this trait in children in a theatrical context. Improv theater is a theater form where the story is created on the fly. In this workshop children will explore elements of Improv theater and get a chance to work with audiences in making their play. Age: 7-10


Masks is a session on emotional awareness and theater. In this session children will explore different kinds of emotions and how they can be depicted to an audience. In the process they will understand what changes happen in them when they experience these emotions. This understanding will increase their self awareness. This will help them in communicating those emotions clearly in a theatrical setting and also in the personal setting. During the session, children will participate in activities that include identifying emotions from videos, depicting emotions visually, role playing some emotionally charged situations. For 6-10 year olds.

Performance Storytelling

Performance Storytelling is visual and auditory experience. It is a form where the story is expressed through the performers body movements, facial expressions and voice. Unlike theater which is mostly a group effort, Storytelling is mostly done by a single person. This program will let children explore the use of voice, sounds, expressing thoughts and emotions through facial expressions and gestures and using these skills to convey a story in engaging and interesting ways. Age: 3-6

Play Station

Street theater may be a simple art form, but the skills required are in no way simple. They are typically used as a form to communicate a message to a communicate but in a powerful way. In this workshop children will explore the skills needed specifically for street theater. They will also work on putting up some street performances

Polar Express

Polar Express is a winter camp for 5-10 year old children. Winter holidays are a time to re- energise through fun! This winter camp is focused on children using their creative energy through enchanting stories, crafts, stimulating activities, some singing, dancing and games.

Process Art

“What did you do?” is what we ask our children when they finish something rather than “How did you do?” Especially with Art, it is natural for us to focus on the final outcome than on the journey of exploration. However, for little artists, it is essential to explore a technique, tool or materials so they understand how to use it their own way. Process Art is a popular art exploration method across the world used to help children, explore these. In this 5 day workshop children will investigate
• Techniques like shading, stippling, imprinting
• Conventional and unconventional tools in art (Variety of pencils to tools like toothbrush)
• Multiple mediums and materials (Traditional paints, pastels, rocks and even their own body)
Age: 3-6


Who doesn’t love a rainbow? This is a unique workshop for children to explore the world of colours. From Fun color names, color mixing, processes like creating tints, hues and shades children will explore a lot about colours. Listening to stories of Colors, colors in nature, they will also explore colors as used in festivals across the world. Ages: 3-6


RangHoli is a Celebration of colours. Children will listen to story about the festival of colours. Children will then explore different aspects of colours. They will do a paper chromatography experiment to find out what colours are made of. They will then use colours to produce varying shades and experiment how these shades can be applied to produce different effects while painting. In the spirit of Holi children will paint their faces/hands to become a different person. Age: 3-7

Story Craft

Children are amazing storytellers as they are listeners. Story craft is an activity based workshop for 3-6 years, that help them in making up stories. Be it something about what happened with them or an imaginary story, story craft introduces simple tools that will help them structure the story and also make it more interesting.

Storytelling Club

Storytelling Club is place for children to listen stories, read books and tell stories. They will also visualise the stories through drawings, crafts and dramatise them. Its a fun place for children to explore themselves. Age: 3-6

Toy Story

Toy story is a puppetry workshop for children. They will learn how to transfer emotions and movements to everyday object. Children will make different types of puppets. They will bring their puppets to life by adding stories and performing with them. Children will understand what puppetry is all about, the history and how puppetry has changed over time! All this while having fun. Age: 6-10

STEM Learning


What’s in our toothpaste we use everyday? What makes some things smell nice? Alchemy is an introductory workshop explores the chemistry of things that children do and experience everyday. At the workshop children will do experiments, discover things through games and even make up their own version of toothpaste. While children will experiment, learn some chemistry and have fun, the key takeaways include developing Confidence as a learner: Shift from I can’t do science to I can do Science Open and positive mindset: Shift from ‘Chemistry is done at labs and is boring’ to ‘Chemistry is at home, school & all round us, and it’s a lot of fun’ Context of what they are learning: Chemistry is in their food, their colours, the air and everywhere. How chemistry can help understand and change things around them Curiosity & inquisitiveness: Look around the everyday things and ask or think about the chemistry of them Cilre focuses on empowering children to learn through these experiences. An introductory workshop such as this helps instigating these traits. Like any habit, they need to be practiced regularly to make it last. Age: 5-8


Engineering is not all about building or computer programs. In this exciting workshop, children will take a dive into Game Engineering. Be it Hopscotch or the latest RPGs, Game design has basic principles that children will explore, learn about the types of games and designing some of their own in the process. Age: 7-10

Blue World

Blue world explores the wonders & beauty of the marine ecosystem. Marine life is exciting with its variety of fish, corals, nettles, sponges and more. With its so many shades of blue, its beauty is waiting to be explored by children. Children will learn about different marine habitats, lifeforms and how these animals & plants of the water support each other. Age: 3 – 7

Body Works

Our Body is like a mystery puzzle. They are so many tiny pieces, each one doing a seemingly unimportant task – But when put together they form this miracle of a human body. This workshop explores our body the same way – through puzzles, riddles & mysteries. This is a fun and exciting way learn and understand the pieces that make us.


Ouch! That hurt – Wow, what a nice painting – These thoughts are possible thanks to a tiny organ in our body: The Brain. Brainology explores this tiny little organ – its anatomy, the neurochemistry, its plasticity and a lot more. Children will also explore some interesting brain activities during sleep, listening to music, meditation etc along with what happens to the brain when we are anxious, sad or excited. While it could be an intense session, children will explore with fun activities, games and research. Age: 11-14

Brick by Brick

Children love to make up stuff. They start building with anything they find around them. This is a construction workshop for the juniors to build stuff with a variety of materials that they find around them. This includes things like cardboard boxes, straws, balloons, bottle caps and more. It is an exciting hands-on workshop that is a treat for their creative minds.

Bugs Life

Bugs Life is a journey with the creepy crawlies as they use all their Claws and Poisons to survive in world where most of the other creatures are bigger than themselves. We explore their habitats, their communities, food and how they perform their necessary functions. We will also explore the profession of an entomologist and what it entails. Age: 7-10

Dash n Dots

DashNDots introduces children to code making and cracking. They get a peep into what cryptography is, why there are codes. They also understand various codes that are used by them and around them and how they work. Children will make and use simple cryptographic tools that demonstrate these ideas. Age: 8+


E.T. will take children through the journey the universe has gone through. They will learn about the various celestial bodies, astronomers who played key roles in understanding the universe, satellites and the search for extra-terrestrial life. The activities include Simple demos of Big Bang & how craters are formed on moon and what affects crater formation
Stories on the formation of universe Timelines of famous astronomers and our understanding of the universe Understand important parts of a spacecraft by making a model of the SOHO spacecraft Designing an alien life form that could exist in different environmental conditions than the earth Age: 6-10


As the grasshopper jumps from one grass to another, our 3-6 year olds will have fun exploring different natural habitats like lakes / parks / bee farms / nurseries. Children will have fun and nature related activities that will help them relate and connect with nature in a better way

Green Galatta

Green Galatta is a workshop that lets children explore the world of plants through art. Children will make natural dyes from plants, observe and appreciate the variety in leaves by making a bingo game with them. They will make a mural of a garden to understand the kinds of plants and their interrelationship. Children will also explore their relationship with plants through this exercise. They will make simple experiments to understand the color behavior of leaves. All this while having Fun! This workshop is for children of 4-8 years.


Greenhouse is a 5 day story based nature workshop for 3-6 year old children. Children will learn about various aspects of nature through stories and activities. Children will do activities on these themes that exercises their senses. They will capture their understanding in the form of a scrapbook.


Club Logica: This interesting club introduces and develops logical thinking skills. This club facilitates children in breaking down problems, sorting, sequencing, classification, reasoning etc through hands on activities. Age: 3-6


Circles are everywhere. Wheels, Zero and astronomical bodies. Circles are present in everyday objects and in nature. Merry Go Round is a workshop on Circles which explores the shape, its uses, its presence in nature, history and what it symbolizes. Age: 8-13 Some activities in the workshop would be 1. Understand some symbolism of circles with Arthur’s round table of Knights story 2. Experiment with geometry of circles by drawing circles using a variety of tools and attempting to fill circles with circles 3. Explore the presence of Circles in Nature & their use by Man through Venn diagram 4. Have fun playing games like Frisbee and Target

Paper Engineering

Engineering is using information to design or build something. In this session children will get an opportunity to build some simple mechanisms. They will use just paper and glue to build these. This will build a toy around the mechanism they made. This will give children an opportunity to peek into what engineering is. They will also explore paper as a versatile
medium and new perspective and how they can be used. Age: 10+

Photo Party

Photo party is an attempt to channelize the creative energy in children and the tech savviness of the kids. They use mobile cameras to complete various set of photo projects given to them. This will help them look at photography as a medium of expression of their creativity

Plant Connections

Plant life is all around us. We see them more often than our friends. But how well do we know them? Plant connections explores the mysteries of the Plant Kingdom, how they are interconnected with each other and with the rest of the world. Children will explore development of plants, how they use resources. They will explore the biochemistry of plant processes like photosynthesis and biological phenomena like tropism – All this through fun filled activities, games and some teamwork ! Age: 7-10


Potterology – The science of Harry Potter! Is the magic in Harry Potter really possible? This workshop explores the magical ideas of invisibility, transformation, human flight, magical potions and pensieves in a scientific perspective. Children will brainstorm, experiment and
conceptualize how they can be a reality. Making bubbling potions, Playing Quidditch and simulating cell division are some activities they will be doing. Age: 6-10

Programming Club

Program A Party is a one of a kind programming event for children. It is a ongoing session, where children will explore programming concepts. They have a mixture of activities where in they learn programming concepts, make games, solve math problems and so on. As they master each programming concept they will move on to using them in creating solutions. The different tasks that they perform will introduce children to the variety of tools available for them to use, various applications it can be used for and some fundamental concepts in computer science. Age: 8+


PyKids aims to introduce children to programming concepts. Learning to solve problems through programming helps children gain deeper understanding of other concepts also. In this workshop children will learn programming concepts by developing games in python. They will also learn how to use some graphics packages. Age: 10+


Pyramid is a workshop that focuses on the geometry of architecture. Children will build and explore some geometries that are used commonly in constructions like pyramids, domes and arches. They will also explore how geometry is used for designing buildings for specific purposes and with specific materials. Age: 6-10


Remember Avatar? Have you seen all those plants and creatures that you saw there? Not all of it real. But a lot of it is inspired from nature. The Equatorial life is extremely diverse and holds immense variety of animal and plant life. In this workshop we will investigate a bit of this variety knowing about exotic plant and animal unique to the rainforest regions. We would investigate what are some unique features of the flora and fauna here, what conditions could have caused them, how they interact with each other and how the diversity helps the rest of the world

Rock Paper Science

What’s that stone? Looks at their colours, Some smooth, some rough. The entire earth is full of variety of rocks. This 5 day workshop will help the tiny ones explore the world of rocks through a lot of fun hands on activities. Age: 3-6

Science & Technology Club

This club will bring science home, by introducing scientific concepts to children with household items and everyday events. Children will grow up as curious individuals, ready to explore the world of science and technology with much confidence and ease. Age: 4-10

Space Trek

Space trek is the journey of our juniors into the space. They will explore facets of the universe learning about planets, rovers, craters, planets and even space food. This a fun filled journey full of exciting activities. Age: 3-6

Tear It Down

Tear It Down! – Find what’s Inside: The Tear It Down series of workshops focuses on providing an insight into the technology that children use on a day to day basis. Rather than being just consumers of the technology, these sessions provide them with more awareness of how they work and empower them to understand the devices better then look at them just as magic boxes. Age: 10+

Walkie Talkie

A session for children which will take them through the evolution of communication. From Lighting Fire, Flying Flags, Training Pigeons and Sending Ponies – We have come a long way where Gadgets have taken over now. This session will expose children to:
– the role communication played in shaping the history – importance of communication – the means and modes of human communication. Children will learn about all these through stories, games and activities Age: 6-10


Why does a top spin differently than a ball ? How do they rotate in the first place? Yoyo is an introductory workshop explores the physics of simple toys that children play with everyday. At the workshop children will do experiments, discover things through games and even make up their own version of toys. While children will experiment, learn some physics and have fun, the key takeaways include developing Confidence as a learner: Shift from I can’t do science to I can do Science Open and positive mindset: Shift from ‘Physics is for Nerds and is full of math’ to ‘Physics is at home, school & even in toys, and it’s a lot of fun’ Context of what they are learning: Physics can explain the way they walk, the toys, cars and more. How Physics can help understand and make things Curiosity & inquisitiveness: Look around the everyday things and ask or think about the physical working of them Cilre focuses on empowering children to learn through these experiences. An introductory workshop such as this helps instigating these traits. Like any habit, they need to be practiced regularly to make it last. Age: 6-10

Social Awareness

21st Century Skills

21st century skills comprise skills, abilities, and learning dispositions that have been identified as being required for success in 21st century society and workplaces. This century has been changing and growing faster the ever before. This is part of a growing international movement focusing on the skills required for students to master in preparation for success in a rapidly changing, digital society. Children work on global collaborations, relook at communication, critical thinking, problem solving and critical thinking in the context of technology.


When you leave home, how do you know which way to go to reach school? Go straight, take the 3rd right and 2nd left after that and you’ll reach the park. Everyday we use directions and maps to reach our favorite destinations. Understanding maps, directions and using them for navigation is a crucial skill that children need to develop. Atlas workshop introduces them to maps, map making and how they are used in navigation. With a little bit of history, some games and activities children will explore the fascinating field of cartography. While children will make maps, learn navigation objects like a Compass, the key takeaways include developing Confidence in using Spatial skills: Shift from ‘I don’t know or can’t apply spatial skills’ to ‘I can use spatial skills in mapping and navigation’ Open and positive mindset: Shift from ‘maps is only for geography class’ to ‘Maps are fun, informative and useful’ Context of what they are learning: Sense of direction and using offline maps or GPS based maps are key skills, How these maps are made and how they are helpful to us. Curiosity & inquisitiveness: Look around the everyday things and think of them in terms of their spatial relationships. Think about the possibilities they create due to those relationships and possibilities in navigation Cilre focuses on empowering children to learn through these experiences. An introductory workshop such as this helps instigating these traits. Like any habit, they need to be practiced regularly to make it last. Age: 6-10


Children will explore how geography, climate, lifestyle and cooking has affected each other. They will get a chance to make their own dishes. They will be able to appreciate how certain styles of cooking have evolved across the world irrespective of the geographic differences. This will help them gain a different insight into cooking and geography. Age: 7-10

Dig It!

Dig it is an archaeology themed workshop for 6-10 year-old children. Children will perform excavations, find shards of evidences, piece them together to recreate old artifacts. With the artifacts collected children will recreate scenes from those periods, create art and food from that period. Activities:

  • Simulated Excavation activity
  • Puzzles and Riddles
  • Recreating artifacts from pieces
  • Use tools that archaeologists use
  • Cook a meal like the ancient times
  • Deduce the story behind the evidence
  • Make your own dig site 

Freesbe-Political Awareness

Freesbe-Political Awareness is a session about creating an interest towards how influences work. Politics is the study of influences. From the beginning of civilization, we have been influenced by people at our homes, community and the government. This session will let children explore the ideas of politics and governance through stories. Stories of influences in different settings helps children relate to such complex ideas. Children will learn about how politics relates to them in their day to day life


Hi!-Story is a Series on the History of Karnataka for 6-8 year old children. These sessions uses Games including Mazes, Puzzles, Role Plays and Board Games to inspire Historical Thinking in Children. Children will get a chance to understand the History of Bangalore and Karnataka from the Ganges to Hoysalans to today’s Bangalore.


Inter-Act is a workshop for 3-6 year olds to get a chance to interact with the people in their community. Children would interact with house helps, caretakers, drivers, security workers, shopkeepers, teachers, doctors who are part of their daily life to know more about, have fun and engage with them in a different light. This would be an opportunity for
our community and the children to develop more meaningful interactions with the people they live among

Inside Job

Inside Job is a workshop aimed at providing an insight into how some common and some uncommon professions work. Children get a chance to experience one day in a life of these professionals through simulated activities. They also get to understand the tools they use and the skills they need. This will give children to identify with their interests across various professions. Age: 6-10

Lifeskills Essentials

Personality enrichment programs aim to initiate a thought process among our children that will make them productive, active, aware and helpful members of society and the world. It promotes leadership by enabling children to lead by example. Lifeskills are defined as the ability to have adaptive and positive behaviour. It is essential to enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. There are Innumerable lifeskills. The list of lifeskill that we focus is chosen as per the UNICEF guidelines. Some such lifeskills are Confidence Self Awareness Creative Thinking Collaboration & Teamwork Leadership


A workshop on traditional games around the world. Children will play and make traditional games from around the world. This will provide children an insight into the culture and crafts around the world.
Activities: 1. Games From India: Playing and making 2. Games from Europe, Africa and China: Playing and making
3. Design your own game 4. Traditional Art forms 5. Host a game tournament among themselves Age: 7-12

Money Matters

Money Matters is a financial literacy workshop for children above 8 years. Developing an understanding of money is a key lifeskill that needs to be instilled in children from a young age. Children will learn about how money came to be, value of money and how to manage money. Children will experience these through activities, roleplays and games. This will help children develop an insight into how to value money and what role it plays in our lives.


Selfie is a workshop on body and sensory awareness for children. Being aware of ourselves is a critical skill for all of us. Understanding our physical body and senses is the first step towards awareness. Children will explore their body and senses and use them in a theatrical context. Age: 3-7

Speakers’ Club

Speakers Club is a place for children above 8 years to explore and learn about speaking. Speaking to a group in an organised or impromptu setting is a key skill for children to have. From preparing the speech to using voice and body to convey their point in a persuasive way, speakers’ Club will help children develop their own style in voicing their thoughts

Teen Talks

With adolescence setting in and career fears looming ahead, the teenagers in our community are in a critical position. Pressures from all directions, it is imperative that we provide a space for them to sit back, relax and think about what is important to them. It is with this in mind we have launched our latest initiative Teen Talks!
Teen Talks: Unconferences for the teens are a series of meetups organized for the teens to engage in open dialogue about topics related to them: School, Career, Self Identity, Relationships, Emotions, Ethics and more. They will get an opportunity to meet a variety of adults to widen their horizons. This will also serve as a platform where they can talk about the issues of the current society, identify any concerns, brainstorm on solutions and work on the same

Travel Bug

Travel Bug is a workshop that aims to provide an exposure of different parts of the world through simulated experiences. Children will make models, speak in their languages, play games, do crafts, perform role plays that provides them with an understanding of various countries around the world. This edition if Travel Bug will cover Australia, Egypt, Italy, Hawaii and China

United Nations

As young adults, it is this time children start exploring ideas of government. This workshops dives deep into the idea of government – its roles, the various forms they take across the world. They will find out about these systems through role plays, simulated activities and connecting with current situations


Moving towards a compassionate society, is a session for children above 8 years. Children will explore ways to relate to their world with compassion. They get a chance to look at their community with a different perspective and identify any changes that they can bring in themselves. This will provide them an opportunity to understand the social issues relevant to them. Children will explore these through games and activities.

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