Rock Paper Science


What’s that stone? Looks at their colors, Some smooth, some rough. The entire earth is full of a variety of rocks. This workshop will help the tiny ones explore the world of rocks through a lot of fun hands-on activities

Day 1- Introduction to rocksThe program brings geology to life in a a fun and interesting way. It starts with he basic question as to what are rocks. The first day is interspersed with games and stories to build curiosity about rocks. The children will pick up and examine different types of rocks, that they gather on a rock hunt and try to understand the similarities and differences.
Day 2- Types of RocksThis day the focus is on understanding the huge diversity in the type of rocks as well as the places where they are found. The day has a lot of terminology too which will be introduced to the young geologists through games and activities. Edible rocks are on the menu of the day too
Day 3- Rock CycleRocks seem to be the most solid thing around. Today the young minds will have a surprise when they realise that rocks go through a cycle too. They build and break and rebuild. If the question then arises as to how they break, the day will show them a direction to explore. They will explore and compare the properties of rocks such as weight and volume
Day 4 Precious Stones and SoilSoil on one side and precious gems on the other. They are after all different forms of rock. Yet they are so different from each other. On this interesting day, they will explore the layers of the precious soil and create a very precious art using it. Then they will learn about the precious gems that the world values as precious
Day 5 Uses of RocksThe final day brings to focus where the different rocks they explored are used in their everyday life. As they think, reflect, remember and learn about teh different uses of rocks, the rocks will not be ” just rocks:” anymore. Just as in any other Cilre program, a flash back on the entire program is done on the last day through a mind map

Flexi Class not Available

Total Duration: 2 Modules each 5 hrs long

*Fee mentioned is for a single module only


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