EPIC – storytelling session will be an hour-long session with stories and games in various themes. Children will be listening to stories of inspiration, magic, celebration & more. They will also be making a few crafts that go with the theme.

Folk Tales of IndiaListen to Folk Tales from India – A story of how the art of weaving was taught to the world from the northeastern India and a tale of a king who had the ears of a donkey!
Fables of IndiaListen to Fables from India – A story of a Sunling, One about Tinsel and lightning and another one about a monkey and a looking Glass
Legends of IndiaListen to Legends from India – The story of a Bengaluru, Vikramaditya and Karna
Mythologies from IndiaListen to Mythologies from India – The story of a formation of universe, Bakasura
Festival Stories of IndiaListen to the stories behind the festivals of Dussehra and Diwali

New Batches Starting: 17 Oct 2020

Flexi Class Available. Book and we will reach to schedule a class at a convenient time

Total Duration: 2 Modules each 5 hrs long

*Fee mentioned is for a single module only


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