Art Spark


Art Spark is an introductory digital art program for children. Children enjoy Art. With the world becoming more and more digital, this program helps them use the technology around them to bring our artistic expression as well. With less focus on tools and technology, the objective of this program is to help children to express easily using the digital media that surrounds us in every walk


The course covers the following topics

Introduction to Digital ArtFrom colouring to creating realitic art, digital art is as versatile. They will explore a variety of these activities and get familiar with the basics of Digital Art
Andy Warhol and the Pop ArtChildren will explore the art work of Andy Warhol Art and explore the pop relationships. They will create a digital self portrait based of themselves inspired by him
The DotDot is one of the basic elements of Art. Children will explore The Dot in the digital form. They will explore using dots in fun ways
Pixel ArtExtending from the Concept of dots, Children will explore the artform of pixel art to create drawings of their own. While very simple, this exercise help children break down objects, develop 2D perspectives

New Batches Starting: 17 Oct 2020

Flexi Class Available. Book and we will reach to schedule a class at a convenient time

Total Duration: 2 Modules each 5 hrs long

*Fee mentioned is for a single module only

*Advanced classes available on request


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