Art Club Dussehra Edition


Art is a medium of expression. It nurtures imagination, patience and precision. From basic fine motor skills to observing nuances in the real world, children will start developing skills necessary for an artist. They will notice and appreciate colour, texture, design, shapes in nature and manmade things. While this form the framework, they will also get a chance to play with a variety of media and subjects. This provides them the opportunity to explore and discover themselves


The course covers the following topics

Elements of ArtChildren will explore the basic elements of art – Colors, Dots, Lines and shapes. They will engage in free play with these concepts before working on a project that focuses on these concepts1. Welcome Card in their mother tongue
2. Dot Art
3. Line Art
Illustrative ArtDrawing with an idea in mind is an early skill children enjoy in art. We will explore and attempt art realted to Dussehra themes1. Make a Kite
2. Rangoli
3. Diya Drawing
Imaginative ArtCreate art from their imagination and look from the Indian Artist Jamini Roy for inspiration1. Fawn Painting Remix
2. Own Project

New Batches Starting: 17 Oct 2020

Flexi Class Available. Book and we will reach to schedule a class at a convenient time

Total Duration: 2 Modules each 5 hrs long

*Fee mentioned is for a single module only


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