Our Impact

Cilre was founded in 2013 and since then we have worked with over thousands of children and adults. The driving force behind the inception of this organization was to revolutionise learning through relevance and vibrance. We facilitate learners to explore, develop and create original work.


We work with a formula that combines everything a learner needs to focus on:
Knowledge + Skills + Attitude = Learning

A child or an adult can seek for knowledge and raise doubts at Cilre because of our non-judgemental environment. We create a safe space for the learner to put them at ease and direct their energy only towards learning. There is adequate exposure to challenging experiences too for opportunities to grow.

Our curriculum is designed to suit different learning methods as we believe that every child is unique. Each child will have a different learning method preference and capacity, so flexibility is key. Our facilitators broaden their horizons to reach all minds.

Connections are an important aspect to learning and at Cilre, we bring together different people for better learning experience and friendly environment. When learning together gets interesting, the connections are stronger.