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The world is changing. The way we learn is changing. The world is becoming more digital. Education is no different. Engaging with a variety of materials and different kinds of activities plays  a key role in helping children construct knowledge. As caregivers for young learners, you keep looking out for such interesting and effective resources for learning. 

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Learning Resources

Our Learning Resources are carefully designed to be best suited for children to construct learning independently. With the changing times in education, learners are taking more ownership. In such an environment, engaging and self-learning  resources become a crucial part of the learning process

  • Independent or Group Work
  • Used for self-learning or classroom learning
  • Engaging Activities 
  • Tried and Tested
  • Variety of Topics
  • Affordable
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  • All
  • 11-14 Years
  • 14+ Years
  • 3-6 Years
  • 7-10 Years
  • Learning Resource
  • STEM
  • Social Awareness
  • Under 3 Years
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