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Corona - Icon
Missing Hearts

Icon Designed for Corona

The Red background signifies the fear and the challenges that surrounded the pandemic

The thin line art was used to depict something so small and fragile but yet caused such impact

Tool: Canva


Art Projects

A completion Art Project

I created this from a project where I had to fill the blank spaces that were hearts.

I had to choose colors. I started with the black heart since the blank hearts immediately made me think of the time when we acutely miss those whom we love. Once I expressed that feeling, love came rushing and I used red for the other ones above it. The orange felt perfect for the circle since I remembered Van Gogh saying there is no orange without blue. What artwork representing love with predominant blue can not have orange in it. 

The heart feels content, after all, this and so the white heart

Tool: Tate-art-for-kids

Equity – Original Art Work

This art was created from inspiration from Kandinsky – The sense of composing simple sense to create a sense of balance 

The idea conceived as representing a skyline evolved into this. The heights of the various rectangles represent the heights of buildings but also the inequality in many things. 

Height, starting base point, ending point, size, shade represent the many forms in which diversity exists today. In many places, they exist in balance. But sometimes, like the blue rectangle overlaps the surrounding ones, just around the edge it can cause an impression of instability

Tool: Pixlr

Ice cream-Line Drawing


Designed to represent me. The eyebrows were my favorite part, since a natural introvert like me displays fear when facing people

Tool: Avatarmaker.com


Line Drawing experiment – Using only lines to draw ice cream. It is not perfect, but I loved the way the final image could pass for icecream. 

Tool: Google Slides

Coding Projects

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