Webinar - How not to Demotivate kids?

#EducationIsChanging Webinar Series

First, there was COVID. Children did not have school. There were no exams. Then there are online classes. Some have longer class hours than regular schools. Some have just an hour of school. Many have chosen to homeschool. We are not yet sure when schools are going to re-open. Then the New Education Policy has been announced. The class structure is going to change. More focus on experiential learning, literacy than rote learning. Thirdly, there is so much happening in the Ed-Tech industry. Every day, some new innovation is happening.

All in all, the education landscape is changing. It is not going back to the way it was. The objective of the #EducationIsChanging is to help parents, educators and schools understand and navigate this changing environment


Webinar - How not to Demotivate kids?

Some things that we keep telling our children. Things we say and do with the best of the intentions. 

How often do they work?

With the pandemic situation, we are spending more time with our children and are the biggest influencers on our children. It is critical that our actions and words do not end up having the exact opposite effect of what we want to achieve – Demotivate them!

Listen to Aanchal Agrawal, a child psychotherapist and founder of Hangout Library and Confident Living talk about how as caregivers for children, we can tackle this challenge!




Aanchal Agrawal

Aanchal Agrawal

Aanchal is a gold medalist from Banaras Hindu University, a trained child psychotherapist, and a special educator. She has more than 15 years of experience in working with children and is extremely passionate about developmental and learning processes in children. She has a dedicated section on Parentree, which is one of the premier parenting websites in India. She has also been associated with Vibgyor High, India International, Redbridge, I Play I Learn, and Little Elly for workshops and consultations. She also contributes articles to various publications. In addition to Hangout Library, Aanchal also runs CL Learning which focuses on developing learning skills in children.

As a mother, she understands the problem of reduced interest in reading habits in children and the lack of public libraries in India.


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