#EducationIsChanging Webinar Series

First, there was COVID. Children did not have school. There were no exams. Then there are online classes. Some have longer class hours than regular schools. Some have just an hour of school. Many have chosen to homeschool. We are not yet sure when schools are going to re-open. Then the New Education Policy has been announced. The class structure is going to change. More focus on experiential learning, literacy than rote learning. Thirdly, there is so much happening in the Ed-Tech industry. Every day, some new innovation is happening.

All in all, the education landscape is changing. It is not going back to the way it was. The objective of the #EducationIsChanging is to help parents, educators and schools understand and navigate this changing environment



The New Education Policy mandates coding from Grade 6. There is also a boom in coding programs for children. As a parent, what do I need to know about this?




Ananthi Balakrishnan

 Ananthi Balakrishnan is the founder of Cilre. As an educator for the last 9 years, she has worked with children and adult learners. She loves learning and empowering others to learn. Her early career before moving into education field has been as a software engineer and continues ahe her interest in coding and technology. She has been working with children facilitating coding workshops for the last 9 years. While she is thrilled by the increased interest towards coding, she believes there is no rush. Register for the webinar to hear more

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