Art, Literature & Theatre

Creativity knows no limits and needs the right avenue to unleash
Surf through the list of programs to explore your interest:

Masterpiece, Copycat, Theatre Club, Playstation, Headlines,
Yours Musically

STEM Learning

Scared of numbers? Love numbers? It really doesn’t matter because we can transform your negatives into positives
Explore the ones you most detest, and we promise to make you fall in love with it.

Alchemy, Brainology, Paper Engineering, Rainforests, Programming Club, Science & Tech Club, Tear it Down, Fire-Flies, Gross Animals, Construct

Social Awareness

“Brash, Irrational, Irresponsible teenager”, is it really so? Maybe we need to just hear their point of view
Teen Talks is just one of the many in this category. Explore to find the one that you need most:

Life skills Essentials, Speakers Club, Money Matters, Teen Talks, United Nations

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