Science, Tech, Engineering, Math Workshop Experiences

Tear it Down - Science and Technology Workshop for ChildrenSTEM WORKSHOP 



STEM learning experiences aim to develop a scientific temperament in children. A variety of tools including books, plants, toys, games, gadgets are used in the workshops where children develop a trait to think originally and create

STEM Workshop experiences

Alchemy – The Science of potion making

Alchemy - Chemistry / Science and Technology Workshop for Children

Charlotte’s web is a series of workshops that would assist children to put words to their thoughts, ideas and their imagination. The emphasis would be on encouraging them to explore their imagination and use it in their writing

Art Train – Where Art, Science, Tech & Fun Converge

Art Train Children's Workshop - science and art

Art Train is one of a kind integrated learning workshop. This series is for children above 8 years. It exposes children to science, technology and art together. This bridges the gap between creative and scientific thinking.


Bioscope Children's Workshop - Technology and Art

Bioscope is a session on Animation. Children will get a chance to make their own animation movie. They will dream their own story. They will discover how life is added to inanimate objects in animation movies.

By Chance

By Chance: Math Workshop for Children

ByChance is a workshop on Probability. Children will explore through games and use them for their planning. Children will explore the probability Children will learn about randomness, will get a chance to observe the role of chance in their everyday life. They will collect data and make projections that will help them plan. All this while having fun!

Dash And Dots

Dash and Dots - Science and Technology Workshop for Children

DashNDots introduces children to code making and cracking. They get a peep into what cryptography is, why there are codes. They also understand the codes that are used by them and around them and how they work. Children will make and use simple cryptographic tools that demonstrate these ideas.

Dig It!

Dig It! - Archeology: Science Workshop for Children

Dig It is an archaeology themed workshop for children above 6 years. The objective of the workshop is to introduce archaeology to children in a fun way. Children will be performing activities related to archaeology like simulated excavations, decoding ancient messages and piecing the parts of artifacts to recreate them.


E.T. - Science and Technology Workshop for Children

E.T. will take children through the journey the universe has gone through. They will learn about the various celestial bodies, astronomers who played key roles in understanding the universe, satellites and the search for extra terrestrial life.


Fireflies - Science and Technology Workshop for Children

At Fireflies, children will get a chance to peek into the emerging field of wearable electronics. Children will get a chance to add up light and functionality to their dresses. This will help kindle the interest towards electronics and fashion as fascinating fields.  Children can bring one of their old shoes, which they would add lights which can be used for dancing. They will also be making a grip sensitive glove during the session. Sample pictures of the glove and the shoe are attached

Green Galatta

Green Galatta - Science and Art Workshop for Children

Green Galatta is a workshop that lets children explore the world of plants through art. Children will make natural dyes from plants, observe and appreciate the variety in leaves by making a bingo game with them. They will make a mural of a garden to understand the kinds of plants and their interrelationship. Children will also explore their relationship with plants through this exercise. They will make simple experiments to understand the color behavior of leaves. All this while having Fun! This workshop is for children of 6+ years.

Paper Engineering

Paper Engineering: Engineering and Art Workshop for Children

Engineering is using information to design or build something. In this session children will get an opportunity to build some simple mechanisms. They will use just paper and glue to build these. This will build a toy around the mechanism they made. This will give children an opportunity to peek into what engineering is. They will also explore paper as a versatile medium and new perspective and how they can be used.

Potterology – The Science of Harry Potter

Potterology- Science and Technology Workshop for Children

Is the magic in Harry Potter really possible?  This workshop explores the magical ideas of invisibility, transformation, human flight, magical potions and pensieves in a scientific perspective. Children will brainstorm, experiment and conceptualize how they can be a reality. Making bubbling potions, Playing Quidditch and simulating cell division are some activities they will be doing.


RoadRunners - Science and Technology Workshop for Children

RoadRunners is a session that helps understand the science behind the cars and their social impact. Children will get a chance to find out about how cars work, build their own vehicle. They will also be able to understand how today’s cars came to be and envision future cars. They will learn these through Games, Stories and Activities.

Tear It Down!


 The Tear It Down series of workshops focuses on providing an insight into the technology that children use on a day to day basis. Rather than being just consumers of the technology, these sessions provide them with more awareness of how they work and empower them to understand the devices better then look at them just as magic boxes. In the first edition of this workshop, we will be working with a LED TV. Children will help disassemble and reassemble the components of the TV. While learning more about each of the components that make the TV, it also inspires them to explore and learn about technology on their own.

Walkie Talkie


Walkie Talkie is a session for children which will take them through the evolution of communication. From Lighting Fire,Flying Flags, Training Pigeons and Sending Ponies – We have come a long way where Gadgets have taken over now. This session will expose children to the role communication played in shaping the history, importance of communication, the means and modes of human communication. Children will learn about all these through stories and activities



Yo Yo is a session on the physics behind toys. Children will be exposed to the working of the common toys.  Children will also make toys that demonstrate different scientific principles. Catapult, Thaumatrope and Gliding man are some of the toys that they would be making. This will help children appreciate science as an exciting field.