Art & Literary Workshop Experiences




Art & Literary experiences aim to inspire children to create. A variety of tools including books, plants, toys, games, puppets, role plays are used in the workshops where children develop a trait to think originally and create

Art & Literary Workshop experiences


The Art Club

The Art Club Children's Workshop

Children will explore the world of art and craft.They will learn the tools needed for each art. This will improve their observation of the world around them.



Art Train

Art Train Children's Workshop

Art Train is one of a kind integrated learning workshop. This series is for children above 8 years. It exposes children to science, technology and art together. This bridges the gap between creative and scientific thinking.


Bioscope Children's Workshop

Bioscope is a session on Animation. Children will get a chance to make their own animation movie. They will dream their own story. They will discover how life is added to inanimate objects in animation movies.


Booklings Children's Book Club

Booklings is more than a book club. It is a creative space for children above 6 years. Reading expands the minds. It enriches the mind and spirit. Kids will be introduced to a wide range of books. Books will be of different genres, styles and topics of interest

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web Children's Workshop

Charlotte’s web is a series of workshops. This will help children put words to their thoughts, ideas and their imagination. This encourages them to explore their imagination and use it in their writing


Dollmations Children's Workshop

Dollmations is a session on making puppets. Children will make finger puppets, sock puppets and hand puppets. This session will give children a peek into world of puppets. They can use puppets for expressing their creativity.


Impact Children's Workshop

Theater is a combination of various arts and skills. This focuses on Acting skills and Theater ensemble. Children will use their voice, body, face and imagination. They will learn portraying various characters.


RangHoli Children's Workshop

RangHoli is a Celebration of colours. Children will listen to story about the festival of colours. Children will then explore different aspects of colours.

Toy Story

Toy Story Children's Workshop

Toy story is a puppetry workshop for children. They will learn how to transfer emotions and movements to everyday object. Children will make different types of puppets. They will bring their puppets to life. They will make stories and perform.


Zing Adults' Workshop

Zing is a storytelling workshop for adults. Stories are a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes. Zing focuses on using story as a tool in everyday circumstances